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    We service the following counties

    New Haven
    New London


    New York


    We also service: Fishers Island, NY, Block Island, NY, Westerly, RI, and Hopkinton, RI.


    A “Minor PM Service” is a complete evaluation of your generator including the ATS (automatic transfer switch) and associated systems. We top off all fluids (coolant, fuel, and oil), clean the generator and its enclosure, startup and test the generator. 

    A “Major PM Service” includes the same services from the Minor PM Service and more. It includes the replacement of normal maintenance materials including lubricating oil, fuel filters (as needed), topping off coolant, cleaning, and inspection as well as a start-up and test.
    We complete our 23-Point Checklist at every PM visit and give you a report on the condition of the unit and any recommended parts or repairs.

    We recommend servicing the unit twice a year so that the fluids and condition of the unit every few months is closely monitored and reported- this helps to avoid major issues when you need your generator most. The generators have mechanical and electrical components, some things can be damaged from being outside or simple usage over time. It’s always better to keep an eye on your unit than to find them during an outage when the unit is needed.

    Generators are programmed to exercise every week for roughly twenty minutes. Some units don’t account for daylight savings so throughout the year the time may vary by an hour or so. This is a normal function of the unit and nothing to be alarmed about.

    • No premium rates for overtime. Service agreement customers can avoid increased labor charges during off hours. Your same rate from your preventative maintenance applies to all service calls.


    • Most simple repairs can be completed during your regularly scheduled PM service with no additional labor charges.


    • All service agreement customers receive preferential scheduling during storms and outages. In the unlikely case that your generator fails to turn on during an outage, you will have priority over nonservice agreement customers.


    • Alerts when service is due. Forget how long it’s been since your last service? No problem! We will reach out a few weeks before service is due to schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.

    The best size generator for your home or small business depends on the type of appliances it needs to fuel, such as appliances, pumps, air conditioners, and other electronic devices. The typical home uses around 140 to 160 amps of 240 volts of power to simultaneously operate everything. Larger appliances typically utilize 240 volts of power, while lights and smaller appliances account for 120 volts of power. You will need to determine the number of amps and watts you need in order to find the best generator for you. At Northeast Generator, we configure the best option for you during our free home consultation.

    Installations vary from home to home due to the layout and configuration of certain homes and units. After receiving permit approvals from local town officials, we will schedule the electrical work to be performed and generator to be set, taking roughly 1-3 days. After the electrical work is completed, we schedule the plumbing to be completed which is an additional 1-3 days depending on the house layout. Finally, we will call for inspection for each trade.

    The ATS (automatic transfer switch) is responsible for transferring power from a standard source to emergency power. It recognizes when the grid power fails and automatically jumpstarts the generator into action. When the grid regains power, the ATS automatically transfer power back to the original source and turns the generator off.