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Winterizing Your Generator

A standby generator is a crucial asset for homes or businesses, providing continuous power during outages caused by various factors. Winter poses specific challenges with power loss potentially leading to freezing pipes even when using a gas furnace, which relies on electricity for crucial components.

To mitigate these issues, proper winter maintenance of the standby generator is essential. In preparation for and even during the winter season, important tips have been outlined to safeguard the generator, ensuring uninterrupted service and reliable functionality. Additionally, with power outages being more common in winter due to weather-related issues, a well-prepared generator becomes indispensable, maintaining warmth and the smooth operation of essential appliances. Our experts have provided guidance to optimize your generator’s performance throughout the winter months, considering factors like fuel efficiency, battery performance, and overall engine operation.

  • Fuel System Inspection:
    One of the primary considerations for winterizing your generator is to inspect the fuel system. Check for any leaks, blockages, or contaminants that might affect fuel flow. Consider using a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation, which can be more pronounced in colder temperatures.
  • Battery Care:
    Cold weather can significantly impact battery efficiency. Ensure your generator’s battery is fully charged and in good condition. Consider installing a battery warmer to improve cold-weather starting capabilities. A well-maintained battery is crucial for reliable generator operation during winter emergencies.
  • Coolant System Check:
    Inspect the coolant system to prevent freezing, as frozen coolant can lead to engine damage. Use an antifreeze solution to protect the engine from the harsh winter temperatures. Regularly check the coolant levels and top up if necessary.
  • Oil Change and Selection:
    Check the oil level and choose a winter-grade oil suitable for colder conditions. Cold weather can cause oil to thicken, affecting lubrication. Using the right type of oil ensures proper engine function in low temperatures.
  • Air Filter Maintenance:
    A clean air filter is essential for proper airflow and combustion. Inspect and clean the air filter regularly to ensure efficient generator operation. A clogged filter can lead to reduced performance and increased fuel consumption.
  • Regular Testing:
    Don’t wait until it’s too late to test your generator. Regularly start and run your generator to confirm that it starts promptly and runs smoothly. Address any issues immediately to avoid surprises during power outages.


Need help winterizing your standby generator? That’s what we’re here for! Proper generator maintenance is a proactive and crucial step in ensuring a reliable backup power source, especially during the colder months. Contact us today to learn more about our service plans and how we can help ensure safe & reliable operation of your generator, this winter and beyond.

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