Preventative Maintenance

Generator Service in CT & NY

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Regular service is your best assurance of peak performance on demand.

All generators are sophisticated pieces of machinery. Hundreds of electrical and mechanical parts have to work together for it to function properly. Fortunately, our factory trained technicians know generators inside and out. They know the importance of service and regular maintenance and you should too.

  • Regular maintenance adds years of life to your equipment
  • Spotting minor problems during a service check will prevent expensive repairs later
  • Generator service plans offer lower rates and discounts on parts
  • Maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions makes your warranty worth more

Service Contracts

With our years of experience, we’ve been able to develop an exclusive 23 Point Service Plan. Hundreds of our customers have found it to be the very best way to avoid costly unscheduled service calls. They also enjoy the feeling of knowing their generator will always operate when they need it to.

Our Service Plan is available on an annual basis to our customers across Connecticut, including New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, Stamford and beyond. And we’ll tailor it to fit your needs. You decide whether you want 1, 2 or 4 checks per year and we’ll do the rest:

  1. Adjust, clean or replace all spark plugs.
  2. Adjust, clean or replace points and condenser.
  3. Check engine oil and change if necessary.
  4. Check and replace oil filter if necessary.
  5. Lube distributor, starter and governor.
  6. Check cooling system.
  7. Check and change antifreeze if necessary.
  8. Check all water hoses.
  9. Clean fuel sediment bowl and replace filter if necessary.
  10. Check entire unit for water, oil and fuel leaks.
  11. Adjust or replace fan and governor belts.
  12. Check batteries, add acid, clean posts, recharge or replace if necessary.
  1. Clean and refill air cleaner or replace if necessary.
  2. Check battery charging and starting motor brushes and replace if necessary.
  3. Check AC generator brushes for setting and wear and replace if necessary.
  4. Check DC brushes for setting and wear and replace if necessary.
  5. Clean collector rings and commutator.
  6. Clean static exciter.
  7. Check muffler and exhaust system.
  8. Check cooling and venting system.
  9. Clean generator of dust and carbon deposits.
  10. Conduct a stand-by shutdown test to assure all functions are operating normally.
  11. Issue you a complete report of services performed and overall findings.

For more information about our Generator Service Plans and whether they are right for your home or business please contact us today or call us at (800) 972-4264.