Winco Air-Cooled Series

Air-Cooled emergency generators are the most common form of emergency power for homeowners. At Winco we take the design of each model very seriously. The base of any good generator is its engine. With our Honda GX and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines you will sleep soundly knowing that your standby generator will start quickly and easily when you need it. With generator ends capable of producing clean power each generator is able to power sensitive electronic equipment like furnaces, game consoles, TV’s and computers. Some emergency standby generators are noisy. Your Winco standby generator is quieter at full nameplate load than many of our competitors “normal household load” ratings. The housing is also uniquely designed with our Sure-Flow technology to keep essential generator components cooler, improving performance and durability. Every Winco Air-Cooled Packaged Standby System (PSS) comes with a commercial warranty. Winco standby generators have logged tens of thousands of hours in the field in solar and well applications. Don’t compromise your family’s safety and comfort. Choose a Winco Packaged Standby System for your emergency standby generator.